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Acute Gastrointestinal Bleeding


What is acute gastrointestinal bleeding ?

Acute gastrointestinal bleeding (GIB) is a common clinical presentation that can lead to significant morbidity and mortality, without appropriate treatment.


The patients with acute GIB usually present with blood in vomiting (Hematemesis) or black coloured stools (Malena).


GIB can be sequelae of a much different aetiology, such as infection, vascular anomaly, inflammatory diseases, trauma, as a postoperative complication and malignancy



  • Endoscopy.
  • CT angiography.
  • Conventional angiography

Endovascular coiling

  • In this procedure, the interventional radiologist passes a catheter into the patient’s abdominal arteries through one of the groin arteries.
  • Then gradually looks for site of bleeding by examining each and every vessel of the abdomen by injecting a radio-opaque dye (contrast) under fluoroscopic guidance.
  • When the site of bleeding is located, he closes the site by placing coils across the bleeding site, thus creating thrombus at the site and stopping the bleeding.